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Ice Rink Update

Technical Safety BC’s recent report on the Fernie Arena tragedies underlines the safety risks inherent with ammonia ice plants. A small leak in a chiller tube caused a 9 lb. release of ammonia into the mechanical room which quickly overcame those working there. To quote TSBC, “Ammonia releases from refrigeration systems can cause injuries to […]

Vertical Projection Models Now Available on HHP2 Series of Heaters

We are excited to announce that our vendor partner, Hazloc HeatersTM, announced the addition of vertical projection models on the HHP2 series of steam and hydronic unit heaters. The HHP2 series of heat-exchanger unit heaters is designed for rugged industrial applications in steam, hot water, glycol or other fluid circulating heating systems. The HHP2 series […]

3 Things to Consider for Your Next Building Project

The way buildings are used — and the needs within building spaces — are continuously changing. Revitalization efforts turn abandoned warehouses into residential and commercial hot spots. Work place trends turn an old conference room into collaborative space or a wellness lounge. Whether the changes are driven by corporate growth, new technology or shifting needs, […]


Temperature and Humidity Control for Laboratories, Medical Imaging Rooms, Libraries & Archives

By Mike Lawler, Data Aire Whether your emphasis is on pioneering technology, developing life-saving drugs or managing the integrity of sensitive documents or artifacts, maintaining the perfect environmental envelope is vital to your success. Require tight control over temperature and humidity Have large swings in cooling requirement daily & annually Must dehumidify when little or […]

Q&A:  New Generation of Alternative Refrigerants

What concerns are there about HFCs? With growing concerns about the impact on the environment and climate change, pressure has been mounting for years to reduce the use of high-GWP refrigerants across many applications and industries. One of the reasons HFCs are under pressure is because they have longer atmospheric lives. For example, R-134a survives […]

Improving Indoor Air Quality

By: United Cool Air Most air conditioners recirculate indoor air. While this saves energy, there is a very serious health cost to pay when people breathe indoor air instead of outdoor air! According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air is two to five times MORE TOXIC on average than outside air. […]

Proving Results of Energy Management Projects

Originally created for BOMA International. Energy represents about 20 percent of total operating costs in a typical commercial building. Commercial real estate is expensive to maintain, and everyone wants to find an edge — or the newest solutions to improve the operation. But how do you know you’re making the right improvements? Implementing building energy […]

The Trane Station

Historically a train station was central to many communities and thus a gathering place for people (and ideas) and existed at the crossroads of different communities.  On this basis, we thought that the Trane Station was an apt name for a compilation of online articles we will be sharing every two weeks, as we will […]