Why Work With Us?

Global Reach with Local Focus

Trane may be a worldwide corporation, but here at Trane Canada-West we like to think of ourselves as the family run shop around the corner. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with our customers and we’re proud of the corporate culture we’ve worked hard to create and cultivate.

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People do business with people they like, and from what we can see, people like us.  We recruit our Sales Engineers and our Account Managers not just for their ability to understand and translate the technical aspects of their work, but to work as business partners with their customers

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Corporate Culture

Our corporate culture speaks a lot to the talent we find and the commitment they have to our organization. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to growth in our organization and it wouldn’t be strange to find someone who has worked all the way up or even across into a different department.

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Expansive Product Line

Lines include air filters, air handling units, heat- and energy-recovery systems, vertical fan coils, radiant ceiling panels, and trench heating.   We focus on HVAC equipment with high energy ratings in order to ensure your building is built to the highest possible energy standards with the lowest consumption.

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Our Businesses

Today’s corporations are charged with improving efficiencies that increase productivity, deliver quantifiable cost savings, and reduce effects on the environment.

Commercial HVAC systems not only provide comfort, they directly affect productivity by working to maintain healthy indoor air quality and by keeping mission critical systems operational.

Additionally, having the right HVAC system that is operating at an optimal level can significantly increase efficiencies that affect your bottom line.

Trane Canada-West’s HVAC system professionals work with businesses to deliver enterprise level solutions. Our comprehensive equipment assessments inform our custom commercial HVAC repair and preventative maintenance services to provide quantifiable results designed to meet business objectives.

Who We Work With

Consulting Engineers & Contractors

Trane Canada-West has over 20 Sales Engineers in the region, many having started their careers with Trane more than thirty years ago with no plans to leave the industry any time soon.  This team of dedicated Sales Engineers with a passion for the industry utilize their breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to help you find the best solutions for your building. Many are LEED® certified, with more now adopting the PassivHaus standard and working with PassivHaus Canada to become accredited.

To learn more about the products and systems Trane has to offer, click here or download our line cards from our home page.

Facility Managers & Building Owners

Trane Canada-West has a team of over 25 Service Account Managers and 50 Service Technicians here to help you manage your building’s maintenance and operations.  Our Service Account Managers and Service Technicians work together with our Energy Engineers. This collaborative approach to customer service is in place to ensure your building is running at the optimum level of performance from the systems in your facility, helping to reduce your building’s energy consumption and increase your bottom line.

Our team of dedicated Service Technicians are the best in the industry. They have over 1,000 years of combined experience, factory training and deep knowledge on all manufacturers’ products and a top notch “customer first” mentality. To complement the team young apprentices are joining each year bringing expertise in advanced technologies. We’re here to service your Trane chiller from the past, and your entire connected building system of the future.

To learn more about the services we have to offer, click here

Energy & Connected Buildings

Save energy. Save money. Keep people comfortable. Increase uptime.

Access the data you need to make key operational decisions that are aligned with your desired business outcomes and objectives—and document the results.

Command Your Building From Anywhere

·         Remote Access: Dashboards and mobile interfaces allow you to securely access current information and run systems from anywhere, giving you more freedom and making you more productive.

·         Advanced System Integrations: Integrate more building systems with our scalable applications to simplify the integration of our HVAC systems to other building systems both existing and new, such as lighting, security and water.

Optimize Your Building

·         Data Collection: The path to improvement can be found in the data that’s collected from your building. Trane Intelligent Services provides analytics that tell you where your building is running well, where things could be better optimized, and what you can do about it.

Work With Trane Experts

·         Seamless Service: Trane delivers Connected Buildings Solutions through centralized engineering, together with local design, installation and service expertise.

·         Monitoring: Trane experts provide 24/7 monitoring of your systems enabling us to solve issues faster and more efficiently, minimizing the impact on your business.


With increasing regularity, the design of the mechanical system is coming in early and architects are having an increased impact on what systems go in the buildings they design. As cities are continuing to adopt zero-emissions building plans, architects will continue to play a key role in ensuring buildings meet new standards.  Combined with an architect-specific portfolio of products (link to architect brochure), Trane Canada-West proudly and openly works with architects and their mechanical contractors to ensure the design of the building, the mechanical system, and the energy requirements all work together seamlessly.

Our Markets

Buildings & Businesses
For over 100 years, Trane has been proudly responsible for ensuring that buildings, and the people in them, are thriving comfortably.

Buildings have a significant impact on the profitability and productivity of businesses. Heating and air conditioning are responsible for over half of a building’s energy consumption, making effective energy management imperative.
With Trane, building owners and operators have real-time access and full control over their building’s HVAC system through web interfaces, giving you the ability to monitor and make adjustments to your building’s performance.

Our energy efficient systems help you control operating costs, increasing your bottom line, and create healthy work environments keeping people comfortable inside.

Have you ever thought about what it must be like to work in a mine or a factory? What would the air quality be like? What would the temperature be? Most of us haven’t considered this, but Trane has.

Mines and factories have long been portrayed as environments which cause long-term health issues to those who work in them. Thankfully, this is changing. More companies are realizing that healthy and safe work environments are crucial to employee output and job satisfaction. Many companies are engaging Trane to support them in establishing more comfortable work environments, particularly in industries that have commonly been known to be the opposite.

Data Centres
Today’s businesses rely on maximum uptime and secure storage for critical and confidential information. Businesses have become reliant on technology systems, cloud computing and data centres for smooth operations and to keep vital information safe.

What would happen if an environmental disturbance where your data is kept suddenly occurred resulting in your data being unavailable or lost?

Although many may not even know what – or where – the cloud is, they rely on there information being available at all times.

This is why so many companies trust Trane to cool their data centres. Our portfolio of products with back-up generators which take less than a second to kick-in, means zero downtime. Zero downtime and industry leading support means your data is kept safe.

Retail & Hospitality
Restaurant operators know guests need a comfortable, odor-free environment to relax and enjoy their meal, but the proximity of kitchens to dining areas can make good indoor air quality elusive and expensive.

Similarly, retail operators also need to create a comfortable shopping experience for their guests.

Climate control is of the utmost importance to keep happy customers coming and restaurants and retail businesses going.

Trane’s expert Mechanical Engineers and Service Technicians, working with our HVAC systems, can help you create the right indoor environment needed for your business, without breaking your budget. Even in the more complex situations where dual cold and warm climates are required within an area, such as in grocery stores. Getting this formula wrong can increase energy costs and cause damage to products not properly temperature controlled resulting in further losses to the business.

Trust Trane to keep your indoor climate controlled, your customers comfortable and your products fresh.

Students perform best in high performance schools where the learning environment is comfortable, quiet, well-ventilated and well-lit. For more than 50 years, Trane has provided solutions for high performance classrooms and sustainable schools that are fiscally and environmentally responsible, and significantly improve the quality and cost-effective delivery of education. Our approach to saving energy and reducing operational costs helps schools, colleges and universities shift more dollars back into core educational priorities.

Providing excellent indoor air quality and low humidity levels in hospitals and doctors’ offices is one of the most important tasks a healthcare centre can take on. Eliminating airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi/mold and other contaminants is instrumental in creating a healthy environment for patients to recover. Surgical suites, recovery rooms, and waiting areas – these are all areas where purified air and climate control is fundamental to the health of all people inside the building.

By partnering with Trane on your healthcare HVAC systems, you will improve profitability, staff satisfaction, client care, and have greater control over your facility’s IAQ. Save energy, create healthier environments and reduce operational costs so you can invest in what is most important – the health of your customers.

Our Affiliates

Trane Canada-West is proud to be affiliated with the following associations at a regional, provincial and/or national level.