HVAC Solutions for Commercial Buildings

For over 100 years, Trane has been proudly responsible for ensuring that commercial buildings, and the people in them, are thriving comfortably.

Commercial buildings have a significant impact on the profitability and productivity of businesses. Heating and air conditioning are responsible for over half of a building’s energy consumption, making effective energy management imperative.
With Trane, building owners and operators have real-time access and full control over their building’s HVAC system through web interfaces, giving you the ability to monitor and make adjustments to your building’s performance.

Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings

Our energy efficient systems help you control energy consumption costs, increasing your bottom line, and create healthy work environments keeping the people inside comfortable and healthy. Proven to reduce energy consumption in industrial and residential buildings, our state-of-the-art climate control system allows you to access and adjust at your convenience the climate systems that are operating in your investment buildings, giving you 24/7/365 peace-of-mind. Monitoring the HVAC system of your building, our proprietary climate control system oversees the energy consumption required to power the system, keeping overhead costs to a minimum.

Commercial Buildings and HVAC Maintenance

Trane Canada-West has qualified HVAC technicians with years of experiencing servicing and maintaining the Trane HVAC systems installed  throughout western Canada. Our team of service technicians plan in detail the installation and scheduled maintenance of the systems that operate in our clients’ businesses, ensuring that their investment is operating to its full potential.