Data Centres

Today’s business world has become critically dependent upon computing and storage resources – many of which are now resident online or “in the Cloud”.  Loss of these services are more than disabling; rather they are unthinkable and we are no longer above to function without them.

24/7/365 Protection for Your Data Centre

Data centre cooling systems installed and serviced by Trane

The critical nature of the computing environment is why many companies trust Trane for environmental and power system products and support for their data centres. Our portfolio of Data Centre Specific products provide maximum reliability when designed into a system and together with our 24/7/365 service support, we  can provide our clients with a peace of mind that few others can even contemplate. Zero downtime and industry leading support means your data is kept safe.

For more information, this whitepaper on data centre cooling is a recommended read for anyone concerned with protecting their data centre and the uptime of your business.