HVAC for Hospitality

Hospitality is an industry of creating a customer experience.  Be it an overnight stay in a hotel, a vacation at a resort or a night out for drinks and dinner, the appearance and comfort of the surroundings are paramount.  For more than 100 years, Trane has supported this sector with systems to keep their environments and customers comfortable to keep them coming back.

hvac hospitality heating and cooling

Trane Canada West services and installs HVAC systems for hospitality facilities.


Lack of comfort is the number one issue received by the owners and managers of lodging facilities.  It is also one of issues most likely to influence the choice of a return visit.  Unlike the elements of appearance – which can be upgraded relatively easily on a regular basis; or bedding which, while also essential, can also receive updating regularly, the comfort system often follows the facility from cradle to grave.  In the cost conscious world of lodging, recognizing the relative permanence of the underlying infrastructure, making the right system choice up front and ensuring it operates as designed is even more critical than in our industries.  In his regard, Trane is uniquely equipped to provide up front analysis and options that fit the budget yet do not compromise the downstream operation for years to come.  

Restaurants & Food Services

Restaurant guests want a comfortable, place to relax and socialize when they enjoy their meal.  That said, the proximity of cooking areas to dining areas often required considerable thought to ensure that the guest experience is not impacted.  Restaurant staff who are on their feet all day long, working either solely in the kitchen or travelling between the kitchen and dining areas also require comfortable temperatures and clean air if they are to be productive.  Trane designs HVAC systems specifically for restaurants that help create the right indoor environment within your budget.