Hospitals & Healthcare

Air Quality

Providing strict indoor air quality and appropriate humidity levels to hospitals and other healthcare facilities is one of the most significant challenges for operations staff.  Maintaining the filtration necessary to remove airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi/mold and other contaminants is primary to preventing post-op infections and ensuring speedy patient recovery.   Beyond the primary & and critical treatment spaces, different temperature and humidity environments are required for sample preservation, research and the storage of pharmaceuticals.  These unique and varying requirements demand an understanding of system design and implementation that few understand as well as Trane.

healthcare HVAC systems

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Energy Efficiency

While air quality is primary to the most facilities involved with Heathcare, the related rigorous demands create the potential for a substantial energy burden.  As such, ensuring that the energy consumption of these facilities is as low as possible without compromising air quality is also an essential element of any healthcare operation.  Whether the facility be a “for profit” organization, where shareholder profit targets must be achieved, or a public facility where more must consistently be done for less, our intuitive energy management systems can help you achieve your goals.

Creating healthier environments while saving energy and reducing operational costs so you are able to invest in the health of your customers is what Trane is about.  We have produced a whitepaper on HVAC for healthcare and hospitals, which provides detailed information on the effects that heating, cooling, and air filtration systems has on patient care.