Industrial Sites & Applications

For the majority of us that work in offices where (for the most part) our environment is a healthy one, we give very little thought to the working conditions found in industry.  Have you ever considered what the air quality, lighting or temperature would be like in a mine…a pulp mill…or a large fabricating shop?  That fact is that most of us haven’t considered this, but fortunately, Trane has.

industrial heating cooling

Partner with Trane for your industrial heating, cooling, air filtration systems.

Industrial workplaces have long been (and still are) portrayed as environments which invariably cause long-term health issues.  Thankfully, this view and the reality is changing.  Like in the commercial sector, industrial companies understand that healthy and safe work environments are productive ones.  As a result of the breadth of our offering and strong in-house technical expertise, many companies are engaging Trane to create healthy work environments in often very unique workplaces.

As a result of the above, Trane Canada-West is a key partner for many industrial and manufacturing sites in western Canada to improve the air quality and environment for their workers.  This includes most industrial sectors including petrochemical, pulp, paper and forestry, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas extraction, power generation and chemical manufacturing.  factories, mines, warehouses, forestry, and other commercial and industrial facilities that require high performing HVAC systems.