Retail Developments

Trane provides indoor climate control systems for every type and size of retail facility ranging from strip malls, small standalone shops or street level mixed use, to big box vendors and large indoor malls.  From small ductless split systems, VRF and rooftop heat/cool A/C to large central chiller and boiler plans, we have a system to match every application.

retail heating cooling solutions

Trust Trane with the heating cooling solutions for your retail development.

With bricks & mortar retail now in fierce competition with online shopping, providing the right shopping experience is more important than ever and environmental comfort is a key element of that experience.  Additionally, shoppers are more cost conscious than ever as they have the means to price check with the click of a button.  With this in mind, ensuring that the environmental systems operate reliably (and therefore inexpensively) and as energy efficient as possible translates into lower operating costs for vendors, lower overhead and the opportunity to be more competitive.

At Trane, we understand that the world is changing and no more is that evident than in retail.  We are changing along our customers finding ways to provide better solutions at a lower cost so our customers can thrive alongside us.