Proudly Serving Your Businesses

Trane Canada-West is proud to be the supplier of choice for many of the most progressive and environmentally conscious businesses in western Canada.  Our team of sales and service professions are well versed in commercial HVAC solutions, and understand how our systems can be best applied to create comfortable and healthy environments for building occupants all the while lowering operating costs and achieving long term sustainability.

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Trane is a trusted HVAC supplier for businesses

Energy Efficient Businesses Perform Better

As building environmental systems are one of the largest operating costs of any building, reducing their energy consumption is a material way to improve the financial position of the business or occupants. With Trane’s integrated climate control software managing the interior spaces of your building for maximum comfort while monitoring the system energy consumption, we are able to dynamically and rapidly adjust system operation for best effect.  Many problems can be diagnosed and remediated by building personnel remotely through web interface with more significant issue handled by Trane in the background as required. 

Taking control of the energy consumption of the HVAC system installed in your building can reduce the operational costs signifigantly without sacrificing the air quality or climate of the workplace. Trane Canada-West can assist you and your building managers with selecting and installing the HVAC system that best suits your business needs.