Controls, Turnkey & Energy Contracting

Trane’s Turnkey Development Services

Owners and developers of commercial properties throughout western Canada rely on Trane for our expertise in energy efficient system design and application.  The Trane Building Advantage consists of broad portfolio of equipment and control products and captioned above combined with our industry leading applications knowledge and strong reputation for making the right choices and recommendations and then ensuring that it operates as intended.  No technical team in Western Canada has the breadth of our experience ranging from engineering, installation and project management to commissioning, start up and service.

Energy Contracting Services

Sustainable development by its very nature places energy consumption at the forefront of all design and construction decisions. Our technical teams, using our sophisticated energy modeling software, coupled with our extensive portfolio of top tier energy efficient equipment & control solutions can reinvent existing facilities yielding dramatically lower energy usage and operational costs.   Our Trane Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) can be used as a vehicle to drive these retrofits, using the efficiency upgrades and reduced energy costs to either minimize or completely eliminate the need for capital by essentially paying for the project out of those savings.