Designing Systems with Architects

As the complexity of modern building design increases and the mechanical systems become further entwined with aesthetics and the elements of envelope and structure, architects are increasingly involved in setting direction on what systems belong in the structure.  Further, as city planners move regulations closer to ultra-low energy use and emissions construction, architects will play a key role in ensuring buildings meet these new standards.  Combined with an architect-specific portfolio of products, Trane Canada-West works with developers and their mechanical contractors to ensure the design of the building structure and envelope works seamlessly with the mechanical system while delivering on the energy and emissions targets.

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Trane Canada-West work with architects to develop sustainable buildings

Sustainability and Profitability Solutions for Architects

The Trane Canada-West team of HVAC specialists worked with architects of developments for all types of buildings throughout western Canada. In addition, our turnkey services can partner on the design and installation projects, ensuring that innovation designs function in the real world.