Western Canada’s Most Expansive Product Line

At Trane Canada-West we’re here to help you choose from our expansive product line the best system for your building needs. We offer our full line of Trane branded mechanical systems as well as supplementary HVAC solutions from our global portfolio. These lines include air filters, air handling units, heat- and energy-recovery systems, vertical fan coils, radiant ceiling panels, and trench heating.

We focus on HVAC equipment with high energy ratings in order to ensure your building is built to the highest possible energy standards with the lowest energy consumption.

More Than 60 Suppliers in Our Expansive Product Line of HVAC Systems

Trane Canada-West has partnered with more than sixty companies and manufacturers of HVAC systems, parts, and accessories to provide our clients with the most comprehensive catalog for commercial and industrial facilities in Western Canada.

Our team of HVAC specialists provide our customers with the ideal systems for their facilities. To learn more about the full product range we carry in Western Canada, please click here.