District Energy Utilities

Trane’s system offerings are a natural fit with the developers of District Energy Utilities (DEU).   While there are many different ways that HVAC can be applied in multi-family and mixed-used high rise applications, not all options will deliver the best combination of cost, energy efficiency and maintainability when tied into a DEU.  Our analysis tools can assist in evaluating those criteria in the context of an existing DE utility or one that is just in the planning stages.  These tools consider not only energy usage and first cost investment but also other ongoing factors such as aesthetics (for rooftop or street level installed equipment), city water consumption, equipment space usage and surrounding sound impacts.

Beyond this preliminary analysis, Trane is able to provide options and related design assistance at each level of the development process beginning with the Owner/Developer, Architect & Engineers conceptualizing the design, to the General and Mechanical Contractors turning those designs into reality.  In conjunction with our systems team, our Energy Engineers ensure the system is designed to operate in its sweet spot while our Building Automation team codes that design into routine operation.  Finally, our service team – Western Canada’s largest – is available 24/7 to assist when anything unusual arises.