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Optimize Your Indoor Environment – and Your Operations

  • Buildings should use resources efficiently and provide optimal conditions for occupant comfort and productivity.
    Learn how Trane’s high-performance building approach can improve four key operational areas in your
    buildings: water and energy conservation; sustainability; occupant comfort, health and welfare; and system reliability and uptime.

Making Schools Safe: Indoor Air Quality products

Featured Product – Synexis

Synexis is a premier provider of innovative Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP™) technology that addresses viruses, bacteria, mold, odours, and insects. Learn how Synexis products, available as either stand-alone units or integrated into your existing HVAC system, fight airborne and on-surface microbes to create a safe, clean environment for learning.

Featured Product – EnVerid

The enVerid Air Purifier is an in-room, ceiling-mounted True HEPA air cleaner with optional UVC lamps that captures 99.99% of viruses. For schools looking for a long-term, commercial-grade local HEPA solution, the product delivers an easy to install, ultra-quiet and energy-efficient alternative to costly HVAC system upgrades.

Featured Product – Awair

Trane’s small, stylish in-room Awair air quality monitors deliver real-time data to you on your device. Its Intuitive platform allows
networking multiple units together, so you can visualize data with context, to compare trends, create custom alerts, and inform
operational policy. Check them out in this one-page PDF.

Making Schools Comfortable: Heating products

Featured Product – Verano trench heating

Hydronic trench heating from Verano can be used as an independent heating emitter, or orchestrated together with other heating systems. Its quiet and energy-efficient fans achieve better heat outputs from these compact units, and also boost air circulation in the room whenever needed.

Making Schools Smarter: Building Automation and Intelligent Services

  • From our industry-leading building automation systems to equipment controls and sensors, Trane offers a complete controls portfolio to enable you to operate buildings at peak energy and operational efficiency. Find out how our outcome-based systems and services can benefit you.

  • Provide real-time performance insight. Improve system and energy efficiency. Offer greater visibility and control over your building. Make your building more energy-efficient while making it more comfortable. Find out how, in this overview.

  • Chances are you already have meters in place that can provide the necessary data to assess your buildings’ energy use. Trane Energy Optics lets you put that data to work to find out how to optimize your building’s performance.

  • Buildings are full of hidden potential to be more comfortable, more sustainable, and more influential to your operational mission. Tracer SC+ taps into this potential by making the connections between technology and people more intuitive and complete. Read how Trane can help you connect to your building’s highest potential.

  • End the anxiety over maintaining your enterprise building management system. Send it into the cloud with Tracer Ensemble.

Making Procurement Easier with Group Purchasing