Heat Recovery

HVAC systems have historically met the heating and cooling requirements of a space independently of each other even when those needs occurred simultaneously. While this independent approach is technically more straightforward, it is NOT an effective use of our most precious resource in today’s world that being energy.  Today, Trane offers a wide range of integrated systems which can move or recover excess heat energy from the different areas within the building envelope and move it to where it is required. 

Energy recovery systems used in new and existing construction are now considered prime “green technologies”.  They not only reduce the combustion of fossil fuels required to create heat, but also reduce overall electrical energy consumption and rejection of waste heat to the environment.  The direct benefits are lower power and water usage (and of course cost) related to the reduced need for heat generation and rejection.  The indirect benefits, however, are arguably more powerful still.  Heat recovery in HVAC systems brings the creation of our living and working spaces one step closer to being meaningfully sustainable while reducing the emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Trane’s technical and engineering & manufacturing depth brings numerous technologies to the marketplace that can, depending upon application, meet goals for energy efficiency and LEED certification within the often tight budget constraints of new construction.