International Women’s Day 2021 Holly Denby

Here at Trane Canada West are celebrating International Women’s Day all week! Get to know our amazing employees through their profiles.



Tell us about your role and what it entails? What do you enjoy about your job?

I am an Associate Controls Account Manager and I work with engineers, architects, contractors and owners/developers in the design, application, and sale of HVAC control and building automation systems. I am currently virtually attending Trane’s 6-month Graduate Training Program (GTP) with 40 other young engineers across North America. I’m apart of the 95th GTP class and I’m really enjoying learning the fundamentals of HVAC and sales from a diverse group of instructors.


What is your background? (Where did you grow up, university you attended, why did you start working in the industry?)

I grew up in Surrey, BC and attended the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus in Kelowna, BC. I graduated in June 2020 with a degree in Electrical Engineering and started with Trane shortly after! Prior to starting full-time I completed two internships with Trane as a Sales Intern.


What is your most memorable accomplishment?

My most memorable accomplishments from university include serving a term as the President of the Engineering Society and as an Executive for the Students’ Union. Being involved in student leadership was an extremely rewarding experience and gave me the opportunity to develop the soft skills that I have carried with me in starting my career as a sales engineer.


How do you contribute to the industry outside of work? (volunteering, mentoring sitting on committees).

Outside of work I love to participate in women in STEM outreach events! Later this month I’m sitting on a virtual UBC alumni panel and sharing my experience of being an engineer with young women in grades 10-12. I will also be attending a virtual event with the Women in Engineering club at UBC Okanagan to share my experience of being a new graduate. In the future, I hope I can be a mentor to young women and join more local chapter organizations such as ASHREA and the Association of Energy Engineers.


What advice would you give to another woman hoping to peruse a similar career?

I was terrified when I started my first year of engineering but by the end of the year, I was genuinely shocked by how much I’d accomplished and grown as an individual. Pursing a career in engineering is extremely rewarding and if you set your mind to it, show up every day and do your best, then engineering is for you!


What advice would you give to your younger self if you were given the opportunity?

To become comfortable with being uncomfortable, never stop learning and never let an opportunity to pass by.


What is something you’re excited to be working on?

I’m excited to graduate from Trane’s Graduate Training Program in June and put my new skills to use in building my network and brand in the HVAC controls industry.


This year’s theme for International Woman’s Day is #choosetochallenge which is about creating an inclusive world. What does an inclusive world mean to you as part of your role at Trane or individually?

Building an inclusive world means not only ensuring that women have a seat at the table but that they are empowered to use their voice and others are encouraged to listen.