Trane Products Available in Alberta

Trane Canada-West is deeply rooted in Alberta.

With offices throughout the province, our team members have worked on-site at many of Alberta’s industrial and commercial facilities, where they gained a deep understanding of the HVAC systems that operate at some of the province’s largest sites.

The complete list of vendors available through the Trane Canada West office in Alberta is available here.


Provides efficient commercial and residential heat- and energy-recovery ventilators and airflow control solutions.

Experts in heat exchangers offering plate and fram exchangers, brazed plate and sanitary units.

Leading manufacturer of hybrid heat pump systems featuring heat recovery, free heat and geothermal to reduce carbon footprint.

Gas fired air handlers offering customized ventilation systems with heat recovery, cooling, filtration and humidification on all air handlers.

Offering custom and catalog air-cooled condensers, condensing units, fluid coolers, compressor units and coils.

Leading designer and manufacturer of vertical fan coil units for hotel, condo, apartments, dormitories and barrack applications.

Heat exchangers for the commercial/ industrial and heat transfer markets. DX & Water Coils.

Manufactures different models of specialty air conditioners for critical electronic system facilities that have sensitive temperature and humidity needs.

Supplier of replacement HVAC coils, tube bundles, heat exchangers with the Cooney Coil non-freeze technology.

Provider of active chilled beams and single source solutions.


Provider of energy-saving dehumidification and DOAS solutions for indoor poolrooms, grow rooms, ice rinks, schools, office buildings and water treatment plants.


Manufacturer of air cleaning technology effectively controlling sub-micron particles and odours.


Radiant heating and cooling ceilings. Metal Ceilings or above Gyproc (plasterboard)


Experts in specialty AC ideal for motels, hotels and condos. Friedrich offer vertical hi-rise AC units, packaged units, mini-splits and vertical ducted PTAC’s.


Offer evaporative cooling, condensers, air coolers, dry coolers and controls.

Offer explosion-proof stream-unit and hydronic-unit heaters ideal for hazardous locations.

Provide hazardous environment electrical heating equipment such as process/unit/storage heating, immersion and circulation heaters, and heat transfer systems.


Specialize in hydronic and DX air supply products offering unitary/residential, vertical, horizontal and console fan coil direct drive products.


Offer variable water volume AC systems such as air-cooled chillers, wall-mounted water fan coils, DX fan coils and heat pumps.

Specialize in modular water chillers ideal for retrofit and critical systems, offering packed stock for immediate delivery.

Products that efficiently supply fresh air and independently control humidity. Desiccant dehumidifiers for ice rink, pools and labs.


Specializes in cooling tower filtration with self-cleaning filters, centrifugal separators, sweeper jets.

Specializes in cooling tower filtration with self-cleaning filters, centrifugal separators, sweeper jets.

Offer VRF/mini split systems ideal for data room applications, this includes indoor/outdoor units available as heat pump or recovery type.

Specializes in CO2, heat pump, hot water tanks.

Provider of radiant heating: Convector, Fin Tube, Force Flow, Unit Heater, wall fin heaters and linear & modular radiant panels.


Manufacture brand heat exchangers, including Cooling Towers, Fluid Coolers and Evaporative Condensers. Factory assembled and field erected, forced draft and induced draft models are available.


Hydronic brazed plate heat exchangers.

COP manufacturers and exporters of absorption chillers with single, two and three-stage absorbers from 10-3500 tons capacity, driven by steam, hot water, natural gas, fuel oil and/or exhaust gases.

Experts in evergy recovery, heat wheel, repair and retrofit.

Specializing in pre-fabricated, custom roof curbs.  Rooftop and AHU modifications including gas heat, energy recovery and just about any other custom modifications.


1 to 90 ton “All-Indoor” Modular HVAC systems for Commercial & Industrial Cooling along with 100% Outside Air applications. Built to order horizontal and vertical systems available as Air-Cooled, Water-Cooled, Chilled Water, and Heat Pump. Ideal for retrofit, renovation and replacements.

Manufacturers of chilled water, hot water and direct expansion fan coils for all types of applications – condos – hotels – office buildings.  Units are built to flow and air volume specifications as required by building engineers.

Building A Stronger Alberta Together

The commercial and industrial sectors operating within Alberta are strong and will continue to grow into the future.

Trane Canada-West is proud to have partnered with the businesses that make our province an economic success within Canada and beyond, with our team of Service Technicians having worked on-site at many of the large-scale industrial facilities operating in Alberta. The expertise that Trane Canada-West techs bring to the province’s industrial sectors stem from more than 1,000 years of combined experience of on-site installations and servicing of HVAC systems.