Industrial Applications of HVAC Systems in British Columbia

Industrial applications of HVAC systems in British Columbia have been supplied and serviced to the province’s commercial and industrial sites and facilities by Trane Canada-West. With an expansive catalog of HVAC systems for industrial applications, our team can recommend a solution for your business.

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Gas fired air handlers offering customized ventilation systems with heat recovery, cooling, filtration and humidification on all air handlers.

Custom air handling units offering complete mechanical room packages ideal for clean rooms, pharmaceuticals and pulp and paper.

Offer explosion-proof stream-unit and hydronic-unit heaters ideal for hazardous locations.

Provide hazardous environment electrical heating equipment such as process/unit/storage heating, immersion and circulation heaters, and heat transfer systems.

Provide heat-pump/free cooling chillers and pump stations.

Dedicated to heavy-duty industrial designs for mine service, offering axial fans from 8″ to 16ft, horsepower ranges upto 5000HP and pressure upto 30WG.

Experts in evergy recovery, heat wheel, repair and retrofit.