Chillers in Manitoba facilities can be responsible for a large portion of a facility’s energy’s consumption, which is why Trane Canada-West specializes in energy efficient systems for commercial and industrial applications. Reducing the energy consumption of your facility can improve its profitability and efficiency, ensuring that the facilities of your business are performing at their optimal levels – without affecting your bottom line.

Servicing Chillers and Other HVAC Systems

With Trane and our team of certified Service Technicians performing scheduled maintenance and service on the HVAC systems operating in your facilities, including commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, we can ensure that all of the HVAC systems in your facilities are performing optimally for years to come.

Contact Trane Canada-West today to how our experienced team members can assist in designing, installing, and servicing the refrigeration systems in the facilities of your business.

Leading manufacturer of hybrid heat pump systems featuring heat recovery, free heat and geothermal to reduce carbon footprint.

chillers for commercial and industrial use manitoba

Offer variable water volume AC systems such as air-cooled chillers, wall-mounted water fan coils, DX fan coils and heat pumps.

COP manufacturers and exporters of absorption chillers with single, two and three-stage absorbers from 10-3500 tons capacity, driven by steam, hot water, natural gas, fuel oil and/or exhaust gases.