Filtration Solutions for Manitoba Businesses

Filtration systems for industrial and commercial use in Manitoba have been installed and serviced by Trane Canada-West in some of the largest sites and facilities in the province. Our expansive catalog of systems, parts, and accessories provides our clients with a large selection of systems available for their businesses, ensuring that they have the ideal system for their facilities.

As businesses across all industrial sectors look for ways to increase productivity, one of the methods with the highest ROI is upgrading older HVAC systems with newer, more energy efficient systems that use a fraction of the energy that older models did. With an energy efficienct filtration system upgrade, a business can have the upgrade pay for itself over time due to the lifetime energy savings of the unit.

With more than 100 years in the HVAC industry working with businesses of all sizes, Trane has a experience and deep understanding of industrial filtration and other commercial HVAC systems. Our Service Technicians have worked on-site at many of the province’s plants and facilities, optimizing performance with scheduled maintenance and service to the HVAC systems.

Contact Trane Canada-West today for more information on how our services can improve performance and reduce energy consumption of your business.

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