Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are an important component of HVAC system for facilities and sites in the province of Manitoba, as they are a proven to help in reducing energy consumption of commercial and industrial buildings. Trane Canada-West has designed, installed, the heat exchange systems in buildings and facilities throughout the province, and our expertise with HVAC systems comes from more than 1,000 years of combined exoperience of HVAC systems installed at industrial and commercial sites.

Heat exchangers for the commercial/ industrial and heat transfer markets. DX & Water Coils.

Supplier of replacement HVAC coils, tube bundles, heat exchangers with the Cooney Coil non-freeze technology.


Offer evaporative cooling, condensers, air coolers, dry coolers and controls.


Hydronic brazed plate heat exchangers.


Supplying quality fan coils that meet the toughest requirements. Units are built to flow and air volume specifications required by building engineers every single time.