Heat Recovery

Heat recovery systems are critical for most commercial and industrial sites in Manitoba, as they are part of a proven energy conservation solution for industrial sites and commercial facilities. With a heat recovery system operating at its optimum level in your building, it’s possible to reduce operational costs with a noticable savings in energy usage, which can pay for the installation of the system, when its lifetime energy savings capabilities are calculated.

In addition, the system can be controlled with Trane’s proprietary climate control system, accessed remotely via a web interface, allowing you or your facility manager to inspect and adjust output and energy consumption.

Gas fired air handlers offering customized ventilation systems with heat recovery, cooling, filtration and humidification on all air handlers.

Leading manufacturer of hybrid heat pump systems featuring heat recovery, free heat and geothermal to reduce carbon footprint.

Offering custom and catalog air-cooled condensers, condensing units, fluid coolers, compressor units and coils.

Leading designer and manufacturer of vertical fan coil units for hotel, condo, apartments, dormitories and barrack applications.

Supplier of replacement HVAC coils, tube bundles, heat exchangers with the Cooney Coil non-freeze technology.


Provider of energy-saving dehumidification and DOAS solutions for indoor poolrooms, grow rooms, ice rinks, schools, office buildings and water treatment plants.


Offer variable water volume AC systems such as air-cooled chillers, wall-mounted water fan coils, DX fan coils and heat pumps.

Specializes in CO2, heat pump, hot water tanks.

Experts in evergy recovery, heat wheel, repair and retrofit.

Manufacturers of chilled water, hot water and direct expansion fan coils for all types of applications – condos – hotels – office buildings.  Units are built to flow and air volume specifications as required by building engineers.