Desert Aire

Desert Aire

At Desert Aire our calling is to provide customers with indoor air quality solutions that help people live, work and play in healthy and productive environments.

A recognized leader in dehumidification and dedicated outdoor air systems since 1978, we apply deep engineering expertise, advanced technology and focused support to meet your design goals with solutions that are accurate, durable and efficient.

Desert Aire systems provide comfortable indoor environments while saving energy in a variety of settings including indoor pool facilities; indoor water parks; grow rooms; commercial greenhouses; ice rinks; schools and universities; rec and fitness centers; food storage and processing facilities; office and retail buildings; and water treatment plants. Desert Aire is a subsidiary of Multistack, LLC. Desert Aire’s main office is located at N120 W18485 Freistadt Road, Germantown, WI, 53022, USA. Telephone (262) 946-7400; Fax: (262) 946-7401.

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